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Members' Interests

Every new member who joins the Society receives a blank Pedigree chart as part of their Welcome Pack.
Pedigree chart submissions are voluntary of course, but anyone researching families in Dumfries and Galloway can often aviod 'reinventing wheels' and so extend their research by sharing with others who are researching the same family names.  

Please Note:  Our paper and digital archives require members who submit charts to do so only in the size supplied in the Welcome Pack (i.e. the European metric A4 standard).  Charts in any other size or additional notes will not be digitised.

Click to download additional charts, two versions are available:   
blank PDF pedigree chart or blank EXCEL pedigree chart 

Members may find it more convenient to create a digital pedigree chart using a downloaded EXCEL template. Complete and send the file as an e-mail attachment to  

Please note that our Research Centre has limited storage space.  We can not offer to store any member's family tree prints from any of the many proprietary tree drawing packages available to genealogists.

Whenever a pedigree chart is returned to the Society it is indexed by name and place and filed. All charts are now scanned and stored in a database. Our online pedigre chart index is updated on a regular basis. Timing of these updates depends on the numbers of charts received, but usually we aim to update three times a year after our Newsletters are issued.

Copies of charts are available only to current members of DGFHS. 
To search this database Click Pedigree Chart Index and enter the Surname you are interested in.

Current Members may make their requests for copies of these digital charts by e-mail.
Please include your membership number as well as the chart index number. 
As explained elsewhere in this site we will process these request five references at a time.  

Members' Interests as submitted in the Members Application Form will be published in the first Newsletter issued after membership has been accepted.
Please note that these submissions should be brief, consisting only of Surname, Parish and County.