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Family History Centre
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Membership Details and Application Form

We now offer two different Membership formats which means we charge two different subscription rates. Members may have their Newsletter in Magazine format on paper mailed to them.  Alternatively Members are offered the E-journal version which is sent to their electronic mailbox in PDF digital format.  The E-journal version does not encur printing or mailing costs allowing us to offer this version at less cost to the member.  Please note that the content of both Newsletter versions is identical.


UK Membership Details and Subscription Rates for 2017
The membership year runs from January to December.
Standard Rate   £9.00   :   E-journal Rate   £6.00
Senior Citizens (those in receipt of UK pension)   Standard Rate  £7.50   :  E-journal Rate   £4.50
Family membership (two persons at the same address)  Standard Rate  £12.00  :  E-journal Rate   £9.00
UK members have the option to pay by Standing Order and may arrange Gift Aid.

Overseas Membership Subscriptions for 2016
An Overseas membership is the approximate equivalent of:
Standard Membership £12.00      E-Journal Membership £7.00 
Australian Membership :
Standard Rate  $22 :  E-journal Rate $13 
Canadian Membership :
Standard Rate  $22:   E-journal Rate $13 
New Zealand Membership
Standard Rate  $24 :   E-journal Rate $14
USA Membership :
Standard Rate  $17 :   E-journal Rate $10
Note: Overseas members (new and renewing) in the named countries can send a cheque in their own currency (dollars). The Overseas Membership Secy can be emailed via the 'Contact Us' page.
The rest of the world - Sterling cheque or Bank Money Order.

Membership Application Form
If you want to join us just download our membership form as a PDF File which you can print off and fill in and mail to us at DGFHS Research Centre, 9 Glasgow Street, Dumfries  DG2 9AF along with your subscription.
See details above :    Click here to download an Application Form.

Society Newsletters in both formats are sent three times a year.
All members receive three Newsletters a year, in March, July and November.
Overseas members in the countries named above who receive standard paper Newsletters will continue to do so through their agents.  Agents receive them in bulk by airmail and then post them on to members thus ensuring minimum delay from publication date to receipt.  Members who have signed up for the E-journal version will receive their copy directly to the mail box they designate for that purpose.


The E-journal to be issued in November 2016 will be the sixth in the series since we started offering this option.

There have been a number of unexpected teething problems which we hope now to have sorted out.  The main one has been some members’ anti-virus/anti-spam  which reject e-mail attachments from a source sending bulk mail.  Members can avoid legitimate mail being rejected by adding our E-Journal sending address  to their address book.  Do that and your Server anti-spam protection will recognise our address as a legitimate source of DGFHS material and accept all future  mail from that source.