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E-JOURNAL SURVEY and its Implications

D&GFHS are currently considering whether we should offer members the option of receiving their Newsletter as an E-journal.  The first step in this process was to canvas the views of members and recipients of exchange journals.  A notice was circulated with the July Newsletter explaining how members could participate in this survey through a Webmail address by responding YES or No.    
  • Please Note -- this a multi-stage process:
  • This first stage, the survey, was simply an exercise to gauge the level of interest among members.
  • The second stage will involve DGFHS Council considering the question and deciding whether the time is right to implement such a change.
  • Further stages will consider the implications of administering such a change.
  • A final stage will give members to opportunity to sign up to receiving their Newsletter in E-journal format.

Irrespective of the outcome of this survey, DGFHS Council wish to reassure Members that such an option, if offered, would NOT CHANGE the present arrangements.  Members will continue to receive their thrice-early paper based Newsletter.  The offer of an E-journal would simply give members the alternative to receiving their Newsletter electronically instead of receiving it by traditional mail. 

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Price Reduction

The book "From Durisdeer and Castleton to Strachur: A Farm Diary 1847-52" has been reduced from £4.50 to £3.00. Based on a diary kept by Margaret Maxwell's ancestor, it's a detailed account of farming life in the middle of the 19th Century.

Pedigree Charts

Digital Pedigree Charts 

Digital copies of Pedigree Charts are now available as e-mail attachments.
This service is free of charge to current members of the Society

Charts will be sent to members 5 at a time. If more than 5 charts are requested the e-mail will go back into the request queue and be processed later.

Send request to

Obviously the time between responses from our Centre will depend on the volume of request.

To download Blank Digital Charts

Click to download blank PDF pedigree chart or blank EXCEL pedigree chart 

Additions/Revisions to Publications for Sale Lists.

New Stock:

TOP SECRET  World War II in Dumfries and Galloway price £3.00 plus p&p wt.150g

The Wilson Family a Genealogical Account by John G. Wilson  price £5.00 plus p&p  wt.100g
this booklet replacesan earlier publication by the same author.


Kirkbean Memorial Inscriptions

 The Kirkbean Parish Heritage Society has transcribed the stones in Kirkbean Churchyard. They are willing to do look-ups in their database. Their website has a family history page with a list of names of those who contributed to the war effort against France (in 1798) and also a list of Kirkbean farms and some of their occupants.

Free access to MIs

The Kirkyards Website now contains memorial inscriptions for the following graveyards in KKD.

Anwoth New Kirkyard.; Anwoth Old Kirkyard.; Auchencairn Cemetery, Rerrick.; Borgue Churchyard.; Buittle Churchyard.; Buittle Cemetery.; Colvend Churchyard.; Dundrennan Abbey, Rerrick.; Girthon Cemetery.; Girthon Old Kirkyard.; Kirkandrews Churchyard, Borgue.; Kirkchrist (The Stell) Old Churchyard, Twynholm.; Parton Churchyard.; Rerrick Old Churchyard.; Senwick Old Churchyard, Borgue.; Southwick Churchyard.; Tongland Churchyard.; Twynholm Churchyard.; Twynholm Cemetery.

Podcasts from the National Archives

The National Archives website has a fair number of podcasts available (free to listen and also accessible from outside UK) One of them is a very interesting talk about Scottish Testaments and Retours by Bruce Durie - same subject as his talk to the FHS in March 2010.

D&G Antiquarian Society

The D&G Natural History and Antiquarian Society has published their transactions online.